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Sometimes I just don't get it.
I gotta say, there are times I just don't understand women at all. 

I spent some time talking to a lady, and one of the things we talked about having in common was that we were blunt and honest.  Cool - I can respect that and deal with it.  Always good to know where you really stand with someone, right?

So we meet for the first time for dinner - we both had a great time, so we ended up going to a Barnes and Noble to hang out and chat a bit longer.  Ended up at the bookstore for about 90 minutes and really enjoyed each other's company.  When we left, while we were standing at her car I asked if I could kiss her.  She said no, she doesn't kiss on the first date.  Heck, I can appreciate that - no problem.  Driving home, I get a text from her saying "I wish I'd let you kiss me".  So I'm thinking awesome - I had a lot of fun, she sure seemed to have a lot of fun, I'm definately interested in her, and she's definately interested in me.

Two days later I get an email from her out of the blue telling me  "Sorry, but I'm losing interest in you."    Um, scuse me?  It's been 2 days, we've texted a few times, but we've both been too busy to do more than that - and she's losing interest?  Alright, whatever.  I ask her if she still wants to be friends, and she says yes friends would be nice.  And then she never responds again - to emails, texts, anything.

So I finally text her and asked her point blank: are you still wanting to be friends, or do you want me to quit bugging you?  She responds with "Sorry, I got back with my ex.  I thought I told you.  Guess the text didn't go through. "  COMPLETELY ignoring the fact that her ex apparently tried to kill her (assuming she told the truth about that), what does THAT have to do with being friends?   Which I asked her - "That doesn't preclude being friends unless you want it to.  We both promised blunt and honest, remember?  Tell me what you want."  And she once again didn't answer at all.   I'm taking that as the answer this time.

Oh - and now she just responded telling me I'm being an ass and she doesn't need my confusion.  My confusion?  Hmmm...  "friends would be nice" but I'm not going to respond to you ever again.  I wonder how I managed to become confused.

I just don't get women!  Why the heck can't they say what they mean?  If you're interested, SAY so!  If you're not interested, SAY so!  Better to friggin know then to waste both her time and mine pretending to get along when all she's wanting is for me to go away.  Honestly,  I have one, maybe 2 female friends who are actually like that.  The rest of them... I feel like I spend more of my time guessing and wondering what they want than I do enjoying the friendship.

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